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The 75k Membership Rewards bonus on the Business Gold Card from American Express Open is back until March 8 14 (according to the terms and conditions) if you can spend $10k in the next four months on the card according to Dan’s Deals.

This is a great deal if you spend tons, or you manufacture tons of spend. It’s not a great deal if you don’t.

I forewent an identical deal in favor of 50k Membership Rewards after $5k in spending several months ago to avoid having to hit $10k in spending.

Here’s Bill’s rundown of the identical deal from January 25.

My Advice

Don’t change your app-o-rama schedule for this card. The offer comes around frequently, so wait for a better time for you.

Don’t stretch yourself to meet the minimum spending requirement. Play the game at your comfort level.

Application Link: Business Gold Card from American Express Open


  1. Thanks for the caveat on overstretching yourself. Taking on too much minimum spend can be hazardous to your financial health, but I see few warnings about it.

  2. Hrmm I wonder if this card, like the Chase Ink cards, you can get more than 1 copy of it if you have different businesses. hrmm. I had this card…canceled it a month ago but wondering if i could go for it again as a different business…any idea?

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