Meet Up

If you’re a reader, and we’re in the same area, why are we not talking miles face-to-face?

If you have a group of travelers who’d like to learn more about frequent flier miles, I’d love to speak to them.

If you want to show me a delicious (and cheap) restaurant in your area, I’d love to eat there.

If you want to grab a drink and swap travel stories or talk about the vagaries of award routing rules, I’m game.

If you want to set me up on a blind date with your niece… you must not like your niece very much!

Below is a list of where I’ll be, so you can contact me if our paths will cross. It is subject to change on a whim.


Madrid until June 12

Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius approximately one week each June 12 – July 10

Beglrade, Bucharest, and Romania July 10 – September 5

Athens, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Zurich approximately one day each September 5 – September 10

Dubai September 10 – September 12

Houston September 12 – September 14

??? September 14 – October 14

Chicago Seminars October 14 – October 16

Buenos Aires October 17 – ???