Anatomy of an Award: First Class in a Thai A380 for 65k United Miles


I continually fail to enforce a moratorium on award booking for myself. I want to finish flying all the awards I have lined up and have no more scheduled. Not only would I have the freedom to spontaneously plan my next trip on a moment’s notice, but I could take advantage of last-second-only deals like Lufthansa First Class with United miles.

But sometimes I can’t help myself. Four months ago I booked my favorite award to date, using 100k US Airways miles to string together 4 longhaul business class segments and four continents. Add in the trips I plan to take in South America over the next few weeks, and I had my next five months of travel planned.


But then a chance to book new oneworld partner Malaysia Airlines First Class on an A380 presented itself, and I jumped on it, even though the date is in the middle of my planned time in Europe. Then I thought, “Well I really have to book another award to get back to Europe to continue that trip.”


This is the story of that last award: 65,000 United miles for 12 hours in First Class on a Thai A380. This award describes segment-by-segment searching, which is the hallmark of many successful award searches, and maximizing region-based miles in an advanced way.

I’ll find myself in Phuket, Thailand in mid-September looking for a ride back to Europe. Where exactly in Europe isn’t crucial, but I definitely want to get to Budapest soon, so eastern Europe is a preferred destination. I mainly had Ultimate Rewards available for the award, so I looked into using United miles, a 1:1 transfer partner of Ultimate Rewards.

With United miles there are a ton of options from Asia to Europe. Some major ones I considered were:

  • Thai
  • ANA (based in Tokyo)
  • Lufthansa
  • Turkish
  • some combination of these four

I focused on these four because I really want to try each of their first or business class products for different reasons.

I ruled out ANA because while some people would get extra enjoyment out of routing very indirectly and getting more time in premium cabins, I’d still rather not fly than fly first class.


I ruled out Lufthansa because I wanted to book the award now and in first class, and United only gets access to Lufthansa First Class space about two weeks in advance.

I ruled out Turkish because I wanted to fly first class on this award, and its planes have only business.

That left flying Thai Airways as my number one choice. Thai Airways Royal First Class is hardly a consolation prize. Thai gets high marks for its seats, beds, service, and food. And it’s absolutely legendary for its ground service at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

First class passengers can get a free hour long massage as they wait for their flights.

The Royal Orchard Spa at Bangkok’s airport offers First Class passengers a choice of which hour long massage they’d like. Suggestions in the comments are welcome.


(As well as modestly placed vines.)

And if that weren’t enough, Thai Airways uses its four superjumbo, double-decker A380s to fly to Frankfurt and Paris daily. London will be added (probably November 2013) as an A380 location.

First class on a Thai A380 features fully flat beds, Dom Perignon, a big flat screen TV, and a choice of 39 meals you can preorder. Here is a great trip report on FlyerTalk that features Thai First Class on a 747 and A380.

So I had my goal: fly First Class on a Thai A380. Knowing there are two routes–to Paris and to Frankfurt–the award searching was easy.

The Search

I used one of my favorite tricks to get the award calendar to show me all of September’s availability on Thai direct flights from Bangkok to Frankfurt.

There were two complications. The first is that the award calendar does not distinguish between business class space and first class space. I had to check each green or blue day manually to see if there was first class space.

The other thing to note is that there are two daily flights to Frankfurt with Thai. Only one is on the A380. The other is on an A340.

I found space on the A380 in business class on a convenient date and on first class about a week too late. I moved on to the Paris route to see if I could find the perfect award space.

The Paris route has one flight daily, only on the A380. I found the perfect date in first class, and I was stoked.

Not only was the date perfect, but I think the flight time is fantastic. I should be able to sleep for 6-8 hours during that flight time–midnight to 7 AM–even on my night-owl sleep schedule.

Bangkok to Paris is pretty wide open in the A380. This confirms a general trend I see that there is more award space on flights that don’t go hub-to-hub–like Bangkok to Paris–than flights that do–like Bangkok to Frankfurt (Lufthansa).

The Rest

Bangkok to Paris is nice, but I’ll be in Phuket, and I don’t want to get to Paris because I’ll be spending some time there in August.

The first step to turn this into a perfect award was Phuket to Bangkok. This route operates about 11 times a day and seems to have space in economy and business class on every flight. I was able to snag a business class seat on a 747 (intriguing plane for a 1hr25min flight) that arrives 3hr40min before my flight to Paris.

I could have chosen a shorter layover, but I want time to enjoy my massage, the Spa, and the lounge at Bangkok.

The real challenge was strategizing from Paris. I knew I wanted to go east. But I also knew if I added a flight like Paris to Vienna on Austrian, my award would cost 80,000 miles, which is quite a lot for a oneway award–especially a oneway award with no stopovers, free oneways, or tricks at all.

I took a look at the United award chart.

While South Asia to Europe is 80,000 miles oneway in first class, South Asia to the Middle East is only 65,000 miles oneway in first.

South Asia to Europe
South Asia to Middle East

In general it makes sense that it costs more to go from Asia to Europe than to the Middle East. My globe shows Asia to Europe as a farther distance.

But the interesting thing is that United allows you to route from South Asia to the Middle East via Europe.

The upshot is that adding a business class flight from Europe to Tel Aviv would save me 15,000 United miles, a nice savings!

So I added Paris to Vienna to Tel Aviv on Austrian. That way if I later decide to remove the Tel Aviv leg, I will end up in Vienna, which is a convenient jumping off point for me to explore Budapest and Eastern Europe.



I searched segment-by-segment on to find award space on the four flights I wanted. But will never show me a complete routing from Phuket to Tel Aviv via Paris. That meant I would be booking by phone. To make that task easier and to avoid a phone fee, I put the award on hold online by using the PayPal trick.

Then I transferred Ultimate Rewards to my United account and called 800-UNITED-1 to book. I always recommend waiting until you have a United award on hold before transferring Ultimate Rewards. Transfers are instant, so there is no need to jump the gun. And if for any reason your award falls through, you are better off with Ultimate Rewards than United miles because of the former’s option value.

Getting the Miles

To get the 65k United miles needed for this award, you would need to open a business and personal card. Many people qualify for business cards without even knowing it.

Chase Ink Bold with 50,000 Ultimate Rewards after spending $5,000 in the first three months:

  • Earn 50,000 bonus points after you spend $5,000 in the first 3 months from account opening.
  • No interest charges because it’s a pay in full charge card.
  • Earn 5X points per dollar in select business categories.
  • 1:1 point transfer to leading frequent travel programs.
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Direct access to a live service advisor anytime.
  • $0 Intro Annual Fee for the first year, then $95.

Sapphire Preferred with 40,000 Ultimate Rewards after spending $3,000 in the first three months:

  • 40,000 Ultimate Rewards after spending $3,000 in the first three months. That’s $500 toward travel rewards.
  • 2 points per dollar spent on travel and dining at restaurants & 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.
  • Get 20% off airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises when you redeem through Ultimate Rewards
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Receive a 7% Annual Points Dividend on all new points earned on purchases–even on points already redeemed
  • 1:1 point transfer to leading frequent travel programs– United, British Airways, Korean, Virgin Atlantic, Southwest, Hyatt, Amtrak, and more–that means 1,000 Ultimate Rewards equals 1,000 partner miles/points
  • Direct access to expert service advisors any time
  • Introductory Annual Fee on $0 the first year, $95 thereafter


I’ll be flying Thai Airways First Class on an A380, enjoying an hour long massage on the ground, and carefully selecting from my 39 main course options.

I couldn’t hold off on booking myself another award, but I was able to at least save 15,000 miles on my new award by adding a three hour flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv, taking advantage of a quirk in United’s chart.

You can do the same by signing up for one business and one personal card.

Link: Chase Ink Bold (business charge card)

Link: Sapphire Preferred

Editorial Disclaimer: The editorial content is not provided or commissioned by the credit card issuers. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of the credit card issuers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuers.

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  1. It will if he gets caught. I don’t think he actually said this time that that’s what he will do, but there have been previous discussions about the tactic on this blog.

  2. I was able to get 4 F tickets from BKK to CDG on the A380 for travel in Jan 2014 but couldn’t find a direct flight with F availability to EWR. Instead changed to BKK-FRA( A380) and then direct from FRA to EWR on United Global first. Thai does release 4 F tickets. I had to check expert flyer to make sure there are no seats allocated and then made the booking knowing that there is a chance that Thai will release 2 awards once you reserve the existing ones. The tickets were booked in March.

  3. THAI a380 is very nice, just took it about two weeks ago fro BKK-CDG.

    Assuming you might skip out on the last flight, make your layover (change it for free 22+ days out) in Vienna overnight (i.e. 23-hour layover), that way you can collect all your checked bags in Vienna!! I haven’t skipped out on a last flight, but I do know on overnight layovers you get your bags back (in my exp). I can confirm this happening to me 2 months ago at Milan Linate (odd place to have a layover from USA-Thailand…). Of course, YMMV. Consult your itinerary for the baggage allowance, you would see $0 for 1 or 2 bags from Phuket-VIE then VIE-TLV separately (meaning you could check 0, 1, or 2 bags for either day of flying, independently).

    I haven’t booked a united one-way in a while, but it is possible to make your o/w into a roundtrip (then a free o/w) after the fact(weeks, months, etc.). Probably can do this up until you fly for the nominal ‘change’ fee. A FT thread has several reports of success and united having proper pricing. So when ones plans develop more, or if one were to be short on miles at the time, they could ‘change’ their itinerary by switching the award from o/w to r/t (with a free oneway). Could be useful in your situation.


    • Thanks for the tips. This will remain a oneway I think since I have MUC-ORD booked to get back to the states. Luckily for me, I don’t check bags, so I don’t have to worry about baggage policies.

  4. Another great post… I am new at this, so how about this: EWR-FRA or CDG – 5 day stopover – then BKK. Then BKK – EWR. Can this be done as one award? Thanks

    • This could be done as one US Airways award. United might make you route back from BKK west (which is a nonsensical rule) because they don’t seem to like an award that crosses the Atlantic oneway and Pacific the other.

  5. I am confused about the following part:
    “I searched segment-by-segment on to find award space on the four flights I wanted. But will never show me a complete routing from Phuket to Tel Aviv via Paris. That meant I would be booking by phone. To make that task easier and to avoid a phone fee, I put the award on hold online”

    Which award were you able to put on hold? All segments separately? the main leg? Another combination?

  6. When searching on United for awards I have been using a Greasemonkey script: “Easy UA award search”. It has several sort features that are really useful and it cuts down on lots of the search results you don’t really want to see.

  7. United has a round trip from EWR to BKK with a connection in FRA on the A380. That is why I was wondering if a stopover in FRA is allowed. Thanks again ( still learning )

  8. If you REALLY want some decent cheap massages, head over to the massage school at Wat Po in Bangkok if you’ve a chance. It’s like $5-6 for a basic Thai massage (there are many options), and you get to see an amazing temple. I’ll be going there in December to learn Thai massage at the school (getting it from the source, also cheap and highly regarded).

  9. I just got off the phone with United. I’m trying to book a ticket MSP-ORD (United economy) ORD-LHR (United Business) LHR-BKK (First on the A380 and then I’m doing the exact reserve to get home. The agent could not book the ticket and after a long time, he said he consulted with someone and that the computer is not letting it book the ticket because of something some airlines not letting you combine with another airline if it isn’t Business class. This doesn’t sound right. Is there any merit to this or should I try another agent?

    Thank you

  10. @Justin, what’s the date? I am looking for OW from BKK-LHR on A380 FC for late November departure and to no available.
    @Ben, if you had a choice between Lufthansa on 747-8 and Thai A380, both on first class. Which one would you choose and why?


  11. Oops.. this question is for Scott or Tahsir
    If you had a choice between Lufthansa on 747-8 and Thai A380, both on first class. Which one would you choose and why?.

    • I have never flown either, and I look forward to flying both. If I had to choose now I’d choose the Thai A380 because I think flying the 747-8 Luft later would be easier. The other factor to consider is where you’re leaving. I’d fly Luft from Frankfurt but Thai from Bangkok.

  12. They are both originated from BKK
    Thai A380: BKK-CDG-FRA
    Luft 747-8: DEL-FRA, where BKK-DEL is on Thai A330, I think.

    Sounds like Thai A380 FC would be my choice too but just wondering what others think.

  13. perhaps I’m missing something here:
    “But the interesting thing is that United allows you to route from South Asia to the Middle East via Europe”
    Where can I find this? It’s not mentioned like this in the T&C I guess?

    I’m asking because it makes me wonder if other things are possible as well:
    Europe to Middle east via North/South Asia ?

  14. I am looking to get two first class award tickers from US to Bangalore, India using United miles for travel sometime in January, 2014. I am not finding any first class availability on website. I hear that Lufthansa first class seats would be made available in only 15 days before the trip. So is it not possible to book first class award seats ahead of time to India using United miles?

    • United First Class Seats are bookable now. Lufthansa First Class Seats are bookable with United miles 15 days before departure.

  15. I know from NRT to Africa it’s 50,000 in business class. So, could I go NRT-CAI-WDH? And if I could do this how long would I be able to stay in CAI?

    • No stopovers on one way United awards, so up to 24 hours. If you made it a roundtrip, you could stop as long as you like as long as the award is completed within one year of booking.

    • Yes. There is no time limit on the stays except that all flights must be completed within one year of booking.

  16. Hi Scott,

    I am wondering why you didnt book the routings via europe between south east asia (in this case BKK) and central asia like India to even save more miles on first class oneway award.
    Example: BKK-FRA-Deli india
    From their chart, first class award between central asia and southeast asia would be lower, around 50k for first. Thanks.

  17. hello – loved your post! Would BOM-BKK-CDG-FRA-IAD be a valid routing? I called today and the CSR said it would be 120k in F. I am going to try to call again today but just want to see if I am missing anything.

    FWIW, we are planning to burn some miles on IAD-NRT-ICN-DEL (OJ) BOM-BKK-CDG-FRA-IAD. Is this valid?


    • I guess they won’t let you go Central Asia to South Asia to Europe to North America on one award. (Also you get no stopovers on one way awards, so I’m not sure why you’d want to do all that.)

      Second one’s probably valid but United doesn’t like when you cross the Pacific and Atlantic on the same award.

  18. That’s what I was told for the 2nd award that since it crosses both the Atlantic and the Pacific it’s not a valid award. What can I tell the UA agent to try and ticket it since it is a valid award?

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  19. Hello Scott –

    Just to update, I was able to get this award ticketed for 140K UA. If you have any comments/tips that would be much appreciated!

    One thing to note is that UA somehow allowed me to price JFK-BOM with 5 flights. Not complaining but looks like it is possible.

    JFK-ICN OZ F. overnight in ICN
    ICN-HGK TG X (the only black sheep in the booking so far.. hopefully J opens up). overnight in HKG
    HKG-BKK TG F on the A380. overnight in BKK
    === vacation in BOM
    FRA-IAD LH J (to try out the LH 747-8i since we are already flying the 747-4 BOM-FRA)

    Hope to change the above to BOM-FRA-IAD on LH F T-14.