Apply In-Branch For Sapphire Reserve if Over 5/24


First things first: Chase customers well over the 5/24 limit are getting approved for the Sapphire Reserve after checking for pre-approval in-branch.

Now allow me to back up a bit.

This morning Scott wrote a full breakdown of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, the newest and hottest travel credit card on the market that offers 100,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards after spending $4,000 on the card in the first three months.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.01.56 AM

Amazing, right?

The sobering caveat is that Sapphire Reserve is a Chase card, which means it falls under the jurisdiction of the infamous Chase 5/24 rule. If you have opened five or more new credit cards in the last 24 months, you will be denied for Chase cards, including the Sapphire Reserve. That probably rules out a good deal of you reading this right now.

But–and this is a big but– it looks like there’s hope for you yet.

If you have any sort of relationship with Chase, whether that be a credit card, checking account, savings account, etc., than keep reading because you might be able to surpass the 5/24 rule. That is not to say you will be approved, but from what we’ve seen so far it increases your chances significantly by helping you at least bypass the first hurdle that cripples so many of us (leaving the decision up to other factors).

What to Do if You’re Over 5/24

This 5/24 loophole will only work if you have some sort of relationship with Chase already. You don’t necessarily need something like a checking account, savings account, or mortgage– a credit card account could suffice. The overarching factor to consider is the future value Chase sees in your relationship with them.

Step 1: Find the closest Chase location near you.  It doesn’t need to be the branch you normally visit or even in your home state, any location should be able to assist you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.17.09 PM

  • Step 2: Ask if the system shows that you are pre-approved for any credit card offers. At this point, you won’t have triggered any hard credit pull. You can decide once you hear if you’re pre-approved or not whether or not you want to pull that trigger, so you don’t have to risk a hard credit pull in vain.
    • If you are pre-approved, read Step 3a.
    • If you are not pre-approved, read Step 3b.
  • Step 3a: Proceed with applying in-branch. Looks like your chances are pretty good for approval according to reported data points. This comment today on Flyertalk claims the Chase banker they spoke to hadn’t seen anyone denied that was pre-approved. If you aren’t instantly approved, ask why and if there’s further information you can provide or actions you can take to help move along/change their decision.
  • Step 3b: I would stop here. Data points are reporting denial due to 5/24 from those that proceeded with applying despite not being pre-approved.

If you decide to go to a Chase branch to check if you’re pre-approved, write your experience in the comments no matter what the outcome to help guide other MileValue readers through this process.

I already applied online and was denied. Should I still try going to a branch and asking about pre-approval?

These three people report denied online applications followed by pre-approval and ultimately an approved application in-branch:

BONUS: If you can go into the bank the same day you are denied online, you could save yourself an extra hard credit pull as the inquiries will probably combine.

Bottom Line

If you’ve opened five or more credit cards from any issuing bank in the last 24 months but want the Chase Sapphire Reserve, try heading to the closest branch and asking if you’re pre-approved for any credit card offers if you have an existing relationship with Chase.

If you are pre-approved, I say it’s worth applying. If not, then don’t bother.

If the 5/24 rule doesn’t apply to you, then you can apply online.

Hat tip Doctor of Credit

Editorial Disclaimer: The editorial content is not provided or commissioned by the credit card issuers. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of the credit card issuers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuers.

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  1. Pretty cool AA canceled my Flt to Grand Cayman for ZIKA !!!! points back and taxs refunded no charge for anything ..
    Glad I called them .


  2. A good post thanks
    If I get the CSR and then cancel my CSP can I still move my Freedom points to my new CSR and my INK points to my new CSR as of receipt of my CSR card – I will of course transfer all of my CSP and freedom points to my new CSR before I cancel the CSP

  3. I followed the above advice and asked if I was pre-approved and was told yes. The rep in-branch submitted the application and after a few minutes said I would know in 7-10 days one way or the other. I told the rep that I thought I was pre-approved. She said no, that I had an invitation to apply. Has anyone else heard or experienced anything like this? Just wondering if getting an invitation will allow me to get approved for the CSR even though I am over the 5/24 rule.

    • I applied today in branch and got the same thing. There wasn’t a pre-approval but I was invited to apply so I did. They gave me the same 7-10 days line. I’m assuming it’s going to be denied. Rep also said tons of churners are coming in to apply for the card.

    • I applied online today and got the same “written decision by mail in 7-10 days” response. Will wait and see what they say. I believe I have opened 4 cards in the last 24 months (one of which was a store credit card (e.g. Target) which was a stupid move on my part in hindsight), with the 5th one being just over 24 months ago. If I get denied I will probably apply again in a branch in another month or two…hopefully the 100K offer will still be around by then!

  4. Honestly, I’m willing to take the 5pt hit on the FICO just to get this card. I applied in branch and it went pending so we’ll see

  5. I went to the branch to ask about any pre-approvals, and there were none. Got shut out! Reminded me of prom, haha!!

  6. I went to branch to ask for pre- approvals,came up blank or thinking The branch manager called Chase and gave the phone to me I was approved in a minute because I lowered SW card from $20 000 to $10,000 which is reguired.for a Chase Reserve. The 5/24 rule made no difference. last year I have gotten at least 6 credit cards. James Aug 29 2016

  7. How long do you think the 100,000 point offer will stand? If I wait a few more months, two of my cards will fall outside of the 5/24 rule.

    • No clue. This Doctor of Credit article references a rumor that it might end after September, but who knows. The same article also references the possibility that if the online offer changes, the in-branch offer will probably remain at 100k. This is all speculation of course.

  8. This is my first time on this site, if I apply for the CSR card, get approved, spend that $4000 within the first 3 months, get the points, and cancel the card after let’s say 8 months in. I can get the 100,000 points and not have to pay the $450 annual fee?

  9. banks are dumb but not that dumb u pay $450 ur first statement .Look around I love my CHASE INK $95 was 60K points .Plan from B to A so U can use them not just watch them DEVALUE .

  10. Took one for the team. I went in the branch to apply and they said I wasn’t pre approved but “invited” to apply so I did. Yesterday I received my rejection letter in the mail stating I’ve applied to too many cards. 835 FICO and six figure income with only $3k debt. F Chase. They lost my business as I was going to go with them for my new business checking acct

    • Stories like that really make me question how profitable this 5/24 rule is for them. Are there really that many churners that they’re going to save so much money by denying people with good credit who are willing to pay a $450/yr annual fee?!?!

  11. Exceeded 5/24 rule but got approved. I have gotten 7 new cards just in 2016 but went in to the bank directly as suggested. I do bank with Chase (checking, etc) so they applied and approved me on the spot.

  12. I am really curious about the people reporting approvals with more than 5/24 cards. Husband applied in Chase bank on Sep. 2 and received denial letter. Chase customer since 1973 (yes that is 1973!) with both checking and savings, 825 credit score, 6 figure income, 6 figures in Chase deposit accts (but not quite enough for the $250,000 required for Private Client), has NEVER “churned” a card, with any bank, did close a Sapphire card after paying 3 yrs annual fees and spent over $95,000 on that card, 3 satisfied mortgages with Chase,cars paid off,student loans paid off,no late payments or negative remarks on credit report,all cards paid in full every month, travels extensively for job so has opened 5 hotel/airline cards in the last 24 mos and is an authorized user on several others belonging to me or an adult child (no financial responsibility). Called recon, shot down, returned to bank where manager was surprised by denial. He gave us a “special” recon number, shot down again, was like speaking to a robot. Elevated to corporate emphasizing long relationship with Chase and yet turned down again. In essence this denial is telling him that he is not “good enough” for Chase all the while he has gone to Chase first and foremost for banking. So much for loyalty! This card remains of great interest due to the bonus categories which could replace using several other cards such as Citi Prestige and Premier. Any suggestions!?

    • That is too bad, I’m sorry to hear it. Is he an authorized user on any of your credit card accounts that have been opened in the last 24 months? If he is, removing his authorized user status might help (those count towards his 5/24 limit).

    • Also, did you ask about moving around existing credit lines instead of just starting a new one with the CSR? I realize they quoted 5/24 for being the problem, but that could help too.

  13. We did both. One high-up official in corporate actually told us that you could not move credit from a “partner” card (United) to CSR…a total lie as our adult son had done just that the previous week! Apparently being removed as authorized user cards doesn’t make any difference as it still comes up on your credit report and if there are more than 4 cards in the last 24 months, forget about it.