Free Credit Card Consultation

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I am pleased to offer free, personalized consultations for your next round of credit card applications.

If you have a goal trip in mind, let me know, and I will tell you the right cards to get to turn that dreamed-of trip into a dream vacation.

If you just want to pad your balances and aren’t sure what cards to get next, I can help with that too.

Your consultation will naturally rely heavily on my advanced knowledge of award bookings. I may even perform some award searches to determine what type of miles would be most valuable for your specific trip. But if you want help with an award booking, that’s a separate service.

  • If you have applied for a credit card in the last 91 days, please wait to fill out this form. If you applied for a card last month, for instance, wait until it’s been about 90 days from that application to contact me.
  • Please only contact me when you are ready to apply for cards in the next 48 hours. Offers change all the time, so my sending you suggestions that may go stale is a poor use of time.
  • If you are currently carrying credit card debt, please pay that off before contacting me. The only way to maximize rewards from credit cards is to pay them off in full each month.
  • I only keep track of the best cards for Americans. If you don’t have an American Social Security Number, which you need to get American cards, I can’t be of any help.
  • There are four Chase Inks (Bold, Plus, Cash, and Classic) and two Sapphires (Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred). Please specify the cards you have fully.
  • Please keep your submission as brief as possible while answering the questions. Extra information just makes finding the pertinent information tougher

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Why are you seeking this consultation?

Tell me your goal trip including passengers, cabins, and destinations or general goal.

What are your current mileage balances?

How many people will be applying for cards?

What rewards credit cards does each person currently have and which have you cancelled in the last two years? When did you get them (and cancel them)?

You are interested in earning:

How many personal and business cards (please specify each) is each person willing to open?

What is your monthly spending on credit cards? (needed to know which minimum spending requirements you can meet)