Free First Class Next Month: Your First Cards


Hey there, you’re reading an outdated post! The updated series from April 2015 can be found here.

This is the fifth post in a monthlong series. Each post will take about two minutes to read and may include an action item that takes the reader another two minutes to complete. I am writing this for an audience of people who know nothing about frequent flier miles, and my goal is that by the end, you know enough to fly for free anywhere you want to go.

The Best Current Credit Card Bonuses can be found here.

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Editorial Disclaimer: The editorial content is not provided or commissioned by the credit card issuers. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of the credit card issuers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuers.

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  1. are the Citi Cards still 50,000 sign up bonuses? It does not say on the application pages of that site and the links to Citi that I see publicly are only 30K

    Can you confirm that 50K signup?

    • Citi publicly pushes 30k. It’s cheaper for them. However as long as the link takes you to an application, that application should be for a 50k card. You may want to take screen shots to put your mind at ease. Of course, no guarantees. YMMV

  2. Should I still hold off on applying for any new cards since my last app was less than 90 days ago and the fact that I am still trying to spend $3k on my current Chase Sapphire Preferred card? It’s tempting.
    Also, what the Amex Platinum with a $450 in yearly fees?


    • Hold off. Circle day 91. And plan your app-o-rama for then. The $450 is steep, but I’ll have a post soon about how to get $400 in free airline gift certificates your first year, plus free Global Entry ($100), plus free access to lounges at most airports. I would say for one year, it is definitely worth it.

      • when are you going to explain how to get 400 dollars back. I know how to get 200, but I am assuming you are going to say to get it towards the end of the year or something? Interested to hear how you do this.


  3. Great start to the blog. I’m sure you are going to touch on this down the road, and I understand other bloggers have as well. Perhaps we can discuss which banks will offer continuous/multiple bonuses for multiple apps, even if the applicant has previously received bonuses and/or how long to wait to ensure receiving bonuses from each bank. There may be other readers out there who already have a few cards, and may have received a bonus at some point. I saw the barclays card, for example, doesn’t appear to have any restrictions.

    I am looking forward to your comments, and input on medium to long term strategy.

  4. It would be great if you could devote a post on what to do with all these cards when the annual fee comes due. When is the best time to cancel and how this will affect your credit score.

    • That post is definitely coming up in the series. Additionally, every time my own annual fees come up, I’ll post what I did with each card.

      • Can you help me understand how it will only be $10? It looks like there is an $89 annual fee (not waived the first year) plus an extra $50 to use the award with US Airways. Thanks for your help.

        • The information in this post is dated. The current annual fee is $89, and the award processing fee for US Airways is $25 – $50 depending on destination.