My Ink Bold 50k Bonus Bumped to 60k


I applied for an Ink Bold for my second business about three weeks ago. That seemed like bad timing this week when Chase announced that the Ink Bold and Ink Plus’s sign up bonuses would be temporarily increased to 60k points from the 50k point sign up offer I got.

Despite signing up two weeks early, I will still be getting the 60k Ultimate Rewards sign up bonus. What are the magic steps I took to get 10k extra Ultimate Rewards, which I value around $200?

Chase has the best customer service of any bank in my opinion. One example of that is a well-documented willingness to match people to the best offer on a credit card if the person applied for an inferior offer.

I applied for the 50k bonus Ultimate Rewards after $5k in spending in the first three months version of the Ink Bold a few weeks ago. This week, the terms of the offer are identical except the sign up bonus is 60k Ultimate Rewards.

My immediate reaction was to log in to my account and send a Secure Message to Chase asking if they would offer me 10k more Ultimate Rewards to match my offer to the current offer.

I kept my secure message brief and polite:

I recently opened a Chase Ink Bold for my business, and then today I saw that the offer on the card had been increased to 60k Ultimate Rewards after $5k in purchases–10k more than my offer. I was wondering if I could be matched to the better offer as a gesture of goodwill. Thanks so much!

Scott Grimmer

Upon submission, I was promised a response within four hours, even though my message was sent on Sunday at 5 AM. About four hours later, I got a response that said the inquiry was under review, and I’d hear back in 3-5 business days.

Two days later (today), I heard back that Chase would offer me an extra 10k Ultimate Rewards to match my offer to the current offer. The email said to meet my minimum spending requirement–working on it!–and then reply by secure message requesting the 10k bonus points.

I was very happy to receive the great news from Chase, but I wasn’t surprised. Rookie Alli and her sister both had their 30k United card offers matched to 50k offers in this exact way, so Chase appears to be very generous in allowing customers to match to the best offer.

Have you ever used a Secure Message request successfully?

Am I the only one with “bad timing” who opened a Chase Ink Bold or Ink Plus in the last few weeks?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I opened one a month ago and have just met my minimum spend. I sent them a message as well.

  2. Applied for and received an Ink Bold about a month ago. Today sent a secure message asking for my bonus to be bumped up by 10k. Within a couple of hours an additional 10k was added to my UR account.

  3. I applied for the Ink Plus about a month ago also and after sending a SM, they have agreed to give me the additional points. This is great.

  4. I’m going to have to try this, too. I was approved on 4/30 and am working on the minimum spend. Can’t hurt to ask.

  5. In 2o11, I sent a Secure Messaged and got chase to bump from 50K to 100K on my CSP card! My best big wow to date.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion! I opened the card 4/10, sent a message today and was approved for the extra 10k points when I hit my spend. So easy.

  7. Yep – they just added 10k points to my account, despite the fact that my 50k reward hasn’t even been added yet! Chase is awesome.

  8. Received Ink Bold a month ago and recently completed the spend. Will send SM later today from home. Thanks for the timely alert. Can’t leave 10k UR pts on the table can we?

  9. Received my Ink card about two months ago, messaged them about the 10k points, they agreed to give it to me as well. Messaged them back that i have already met my minimum spend so waiting for them to credit the additional points.

  10. Applied and was approved for Ink Plus on March 20th, SM’ed Chase June 16th. Met minimum requirements a month ago and already received my 50K UR points. Was denied the bump on condition that I did not meet the ‘applied within the previous 90 days’ requirement. Not sure what kind of calendar was used but June 16th is less than 90 days from March 20th. Rather surprised as Chase have been wonderful about these types of matters up until now. The funny thing was that the CSR kept reassuring me that this rule is applied to everyone and not just me. Not exactly sure what that rule is now.

    Well, I replied with the dates of card account opening and the date I requested the point adjustment again, fingers crossed.

    Congrats to everyone else that got the bump!

  11. Received our card about 2 months ago, just received a message saying they are giving us the additional 10k points! Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely remember this on my next app-o-rama!

  12. Looks like chase’s policy is to match offers upto 90 days. I had my Ink Bold approved >90 days ago so no luck from me, but this is the message i received when i tried my luck unsuccessfully

    “Thank you for your inquiry. With the continual changes and
    promotional offers for many credit card products we at
    Chase will always consider allowing the newest promotion
    to be applied to any qualified accounts that were opened
    within the previous 90 days of the offer.”

  13. I applied a month and half ago and they bumped me 10K without any issue. I sent a note and within 2 hours I got a reply.

    They do have a great customer service

  14. I’ve used a Secure Message request successfully. I applied for the Chase United card and sent a request soon after for +20k miles to match an offer I had seen (as you suggested before). I later got a letter saying I was turned down for the 30k sign-up bonus because it hadn’t been two years since having this same card before. That was the left hand. The right hand then gave me the 30k sign-up bonus I wasn’t supposed to get 3 months later. Feeling bold, I followed up on the 20k request via SM and received it. Love Chase!

  15. Thanks for the heads-up! I got my ‘Bold’ and just received my first statement. They added the 10,000 points to my account immediately.

  16. Wow, I tried the SM on TWO different card offers and was accepted for both. The first was the Ink Plus, got the 10K bump. The next was the Chase United card; I was bumped from the 30K for $1000 offer to 50K for $2000. Thanks for the tip.

  17. Your daily blog posts are becoming just important to me in the morning as the cream in my coffee. Thanks Scott & Co. for your generous sharing about how the miles universe works so that I can brew up my own special “cup of travel.”

    Thanks to this post I, too, secure messaged Chase asking for a 10,000 mile bump to two Ink Bold cards that I opened at the end of April. I haven’t quite met the minimum spend yet on those cards. So, Chase told me to message them again, once the minimum spend has been met, and they would post the signup bonus 50,000 + 10,0000 for me. (Which I’ll be doing in a few days when the new statements post 🙂

  18. Ok, did anyone tried to nicely ask for the 10k bonus, IF you applied like 2 weeks after the promo ended like july 10 ?

    heard of anybody being sucessful ? I suppose I can try!