Reminder: You Can Still Book United Awards at Pre-Devaluation Prices


You can still pay United’s award prices from January 2014 and before for premium cabin awards.

The catch is that you need to be changing an existing award that you booked February 2, 2014 or earlier. Any award you booked before that date–no matter the origin, destination, cabin, and airline–that you haven’t flown yet should be eligible to be changed to any other award at the old award prices.

I recently changed a First Class award from North Asia to the United States to a different routing on a different airline and paid zero extra miles even though the current price for the award is 50,000 miles more than I originally paid.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 12.25.08 AM
I get to fly in this suite after my change!

The MileValue Award Booking Service is ready to help you if you have an old United award you want to change to something better at the old prices.

  • How can you find out if you have any awards that are eligible to be changed at the old rates?
  • What are the old rates?
  • How do you make the change?
  • What change did I make?

When United announced huge changes to its award chart that took effect February 3, 2014, the question naturally arose: what would happen if you tried to change an award booked on the old award chart after the new award chart was introduced?

United actually gave this answer, which it turns out, is wrong:

Our existing change process will apply. Changes to awards that require a change in date do not result in a change to the award price. Any other change will require an add/collect in miles and fees for changes or cancellations will still apply as per our existing policies.

In fact, the change policy is that if the award was booked before February 3, 2014 and you change it, you pay the difference in miles according to the old award chart. It doesn’t matter what your old award was or your new award is.


For instance, if on January 1 , 2014 you booked

  • Lufthansa economy
  • one way from the United States to Europe
  • for travel September 1, 2014

and you changed that ticket to Lufthansa First Class today, you would pay a change fee of $100, any difference in taxes, and 37,500 United miles–the difference between economy (30k) and First Class (67.5k) to Europe under the old award chart.

You would not pay 80,000 miles–the difference between what you originally paid (30k) and what Lufthansa First Class now costs (110k).

My Example

On November 7, 2013 I booked a four segment itinerary that got me from Seoul to Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.33.58 AM

The award featured Asiana First Class and Lufthansa First Class during the glitch last November when Munich to Toronto First Class award space was released throughout the schedule.

It cost 70,000 miles, the price for one way First Class from North Asia to the continental United States at the time.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.20.32 PM

A few days ago, award space opened up on the direct flight from Seoul to Los Angeles on Asiana’s new A380 in First Class. I had been monitoring award space on my dates for over a week, space was changing every day, and finally my day had award space.

I had to pounce on the space because the product looks incredible, and it meant an extra day in Los Angeles with friends.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 12.24.57 AM
Actual Promotional Photo for Asiana A380 First Class Suite

To make the change, I signed into my United account and clicked Change/View Existing Reservations under Reservations from the top menu.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.11.08 AM

All my upcoming flights are arranged by date of travel. An award booked by 2/2/2014 is eligible to be changed at the old award chart’s prices. This one was booked 11/7/2013. I clicked Change Flights.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.11.19 AM

That brought me to a search screen. When I searched my dates, I got search results that look like this. The miles for Asiana First Class was “0 Miles” even though the flight I want now costs 120,000 miles and I paid only 70,000 miles for my award.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.34.11 AM

The cash component of the change was $29.80. That included a $100 change fee less a large reduction in taxes by avoiding flying through Germany.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.34.28 AM

My experience disproves United’s claim that “Any [change other than date] will require an add/collect in miles.” I changed the routing and airlines.

To prove that you can make any change to any existing award and pay the old prices, I went through the process to change my Seoul-to-Los-Angeles award to Washington-to-Dubai.

This flight now costs 90,000 miles each way in United First Class.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.26.31 AM

It used to cost 75,000 miles each way in First Class. If I’m right that I can change my award to any other award and pay the old prices, I would be charged 5,000 miles to change to this flight (75k old price minus 70k I already paid for my award.)

Going through the change price, the quoted price to change is 5,000 miles.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.27.29 AM

How You Can Take Advantage

Any award you booked February 2, 2014 or earlier with United miles can be changed. You can change the dates of travel, but all travel on awards must be completed within one year of the original ticketing date. My original ticketing date was November 7, 2013, so I’d need to finish traveling by November 7, 2014.

You can change to any other award you want. You will pay the difference in miles based on the price you paid for your award and the price the award you want would have cost before the devaluation.

Here is the old United award chart.

I wish I had known these would be the change rules. I would have burned all my United miles in January booking the cheapest award on the chart–intra-Hawaii–for 5,000 miles per segment and used those dummy awards to travel at the old prices through January 2015.


You can make any change you want online and still get the old award prices. If you call in, the agent may try to re-price your award on the new chart. Hang up, and call again.

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  1. If I booked an one way pre-devaluation, can I change it to a R/T and pay the difference based on pre-devaluation rates?

  2. I booked a one-way prior to devaluation, cancelled and did not redeposit. I changed the routing when I rebooked. I was at the FCT in Frankfurt when the LH representative told me there was a problem, United didn’t ticket my flight. I had confirmation numbers and the receipts for the change fees I had paid when making the rebooking. She got a United rep on the phone and after 30 minutes I was told I had to pay another almost 50K miles and another $100 fee to get my ticket. I felt like I was a hostage and agreed to it in order to be able to get home. My question is: What can I do about it now? Any advice on how to handle a call to a United rep to get a refund? Thanks in advance.

      • I did the online complaint form, explained, attached a copy of confirmation and receipt. The reply I received stated I had redeposited my miles on 8/16 therefore the increase in price. I replied again that I did not redeposit the miles, the United agent must have when ticketing my flight. I would not have needed to redeposit as I had already paid taxes and had conf. numbers. I haven’t heard from United in almost 10 days. I guess I’ll have to chase it higher up the food chain, but I don’t know who to address email to. Can you suggest anybody?

  3. If you call in you are going to have a problem – they have a memo they can access which says exactly what you quoted regarding any other change other than dates – once you start playing with cabins, etc., they want to change the price to the new chart. The glitch is that online, it will price at the old chart – however, depending on how complex your booking is, trying to update online will result in an error.

    I had this happen recently and I had to push real hard to get them to budge. If you check out flyertalk, you will see a post by a UA representative which states the exact policy (the first one) of which I described happened to me over the phone. You can try HUCA, but if they will up that memo, you are going to have a hard time. Online, you’ll have no problem if you can get the computer to process it.

  4. I did this last winter – really REALLY had to push – phone agent gave in after maybe an hour of my arguing (and that was fairly close to the original changes date). They did it, but don’t expect it to happen easily.

  5. Hi Scott. I did the cancel re-book later with an original ticketing date of January 28th, 2014. The United System allowed me to re-book for April of 2015 which is more than 1 year after the original ticketing date and I was given new ticket numbers. I have called United multiple times and they have said the reservation shows as ticketed & confirmed on their end and that when I rebooked I was given a new ticketing date. I have called the partner airlines the booking is with (Thai and Asiana) who also confirmed the reservation looks good. I have also pulled up the reservation of Saudia’s website to see fare construction. The original ticket numbers show an “Issue Date” of January 2014 and are now listed with Coupon Status of “Exch/Reissued”. The new ticket numbers show with an “Issue Date” of July 2014. I have screenshots of all of the above as well as the Rep IDs of 2 different United agents I spoke with.
    Despite all of this, I am still worried that this reservation will dissapear on me come January 2015 and I will be left in a bad spot having lost the miles I used and being without a ticket in April.
    My questions are, can you think of any other steps I can do to get assurance of whether this booking will be honored? Can you think of any other steps I should take to protect myself for the case of the ticketing getting cancelled on me once 1 year has passed?
    I could make an alternate booking home for 2 days later with Lifemiles and cancel in the event the flight goes smoothly. I am reluctant to do this because they are such a pain to cancel with.

    • I think your ticket is valid, and in any event you’ll know three months in advance. I would do nothing further for now. Re-check in January or February.

  6. Hey scott,

    Any idea if you could change a pre-devaluation ticket more than once. e.g. change one leg now and a second leg in a few months as space opens up? thanks.

  7. Can you change locations as well? e.g. I have two one ways, LAX-BKK and BKK-LAX, can I change departure or arrival cities?

  8. Scott-
    I’m currently holding tickets on an award I booked in Jan with UA and am now scouting for business class seats to open up (departure 10/08). If they do appear it will probably be only for my initial departure date and not for the presently scheduled return on 10/22. If, if, if they become available and I contacted UA to get them, and I asked UA to change the award from 2 RT to 4 OW (enabling me to only change class on the departure), would that still be possible under the old award schedule? Or by changing the award from RT to two OW, would that be considered a “new” award? Thanks.

    • Why would you ask to change from 2 r/t to 4 o/w? That is not necessary. Just make the change and it should price on the old chart. Let me know if you experience something different.

  9. Scott – holding tix booked 1/31/14 – tried your instructions to search for changes – instead of search results, I get a no can do – call United reservations msg. Thots? Thanks for your great work.