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This is a blog about earning and redeeming frequent flyer miles to travel more, better, and cheaper.

I travel up to nine months a year with most of my long flights in First Class and Business Class (those beds you have to walk past on the way to the back of the plane) on a shoestring budget because I know the tricks to getting tons of miles without flying and redeeming them as efficiently as possible.

Whether you want to take a dream honeymoon, a family vacation, a round-the-world trip, or even just get a free flight home for Christmas, read this blog and you’ll find out how.

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Start by reading Travel for Pennies with Miles to get excited about the possibilities when collecting miles.

Pretty cool, huh? I get most of my miles from credit card sign up bonuses. Check out this list of the top ten credit cards that I update twice a month and apply for a card or two.

Next check out my beginners’ series: Free First Class Next Month.

And here are a few of my best posts:


How to Book Any PointBreaks Hotel for $35/night

This is the cheapest way to get hotels, and it’s a simple, repeatable trick that is well within the rules of the Priority Club program.

The Cheapest Ways to Get to Hawaii

I was born in Hawaii, and I go back about once a year, so I compiled the cheapest ways to get to Hawaii.

Anatomy of an Award

I’ve put dozens of posts in the Anatomy of an Award category. They show step-by-step the process of conceiving and booking actual awards I’ve booked for myself or through my Award Booking Service.

In general, no matter your skill level, you should check back daily to keep growing your skills and to be part of a community of people who all want you to fly for free.