100k Membership Rewards for $3k Spending with American Express Platinum


As of 7:30 AM ET on August 28, what’s working is calling American Express and asking to apply by phone. If they ask for the offer code:


Hat Tip: Graydon

There is a publicly available offer for 100,000 bonus Membership Rewards after spending $3,000 on the American Express Platinum. I value those points at about $2,000. Jump on this offer now because it will not last.

I was just approved for it.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 2.34.29 AM

Here’s how you can apply:

  1. Open a Chrome, Safari, or Firefox Private/Incognito window.
  2. Click this link.
  3. You may get the 100,000 point offer. You may get a 40,000 point offer.
  4. If you get the 40,000 point offer, close your browser window, and open a new Private/Incognito window. (ie do not just open a new tab or hit refresh)
  5. Click this link.
  6. Repeat as necessary.

The above process failed for me. I tried all three browsers about 100 times. Reddit user linkx2252 said it had failed for him too, so he called in. I tried that.

I called 800-243-3888 and told the agent that I had been trying to apply for the 100k points/$3k spending Platinum Card offer, but that I was having trouble with my browser, so I would like to apply by phone. The agent had no problem accommodating that request. It is a bit slow, but 23 minutes later I was approved for the offer. I will have the card in a few days.

The card’s $450 annual fee doesn’t bother me. I will get $200 in airline gift cards this year, $200 in airline gift cards in early 2016, and lounge access to Delta SkyClubs and American Express Centurion lounges for a year for that price. Plus the 100,000 bonus Membership Rewards are worth about $2,000 to me because I will transfer them to partners for one or several high value awards.

See Get the Most out of Your American Express Platinum Card for a rundown of the benefits.


If you have ever had an American Express Platinum personal card, you are ineligible to get the bonus again. I have not had that card. I have only had the American Express Platinum Mercedes-Benz personal card and American Express Business card before. Those are considered separate products.

Post your application results in the comments.

Hat Tip Travel Codex via Reddit


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  1. Got it!

    3 private/incognito browser changes, 3-5 refreshes on each… I actually went back to the reddit link and clicked the link there. Not sure if that changed things, but 100k popped up on the first try with that link (using chrome incognito).

  2. “If we identify you as currently having an American Express® Card account, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer. This offer is also not available to applicants who have or have had a Platinum Card® account enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program.”

    The first sentence seems to mean that if you currently have ANY Amex account open, you might not be eligible for this bonus. Did you notice this?

    • That is the standard language on every AMEX app, and I don’t know why. Having one AMEX card does NOT exclude you from every other AMEX offer. I have another AMEX card (SPG personal), and I applied. I expect to get my bonus points.

    • This concerned me as well, as my wife has a blue cash card (she is the one applying). I verified with live chat that the only amex card that will exclude you from this offer is if you have, or have had, the personal plat card.

  3. Got the offer to open up on the second try. I find cutting and pasting the link into the incognito browser rather than clicking it helps

  4. Hey Scott, thanks for the great tip! I’ve been waiting forever for a 100k Platinum offer.

    I tried a few times in Incognito Chrome and Private Safari with no luck. I was about to give up when I decided to try one more time, and it worked! However, when I clicked through, it asked me to log in if I was already an Amex customer, which I am, so I did. At that point, it told me the deal was only 40k points.

    I called the number you provided and spoke to a CSR. He told me that because I was already an Amex member, he “could not honor the online offer”. He was a bit of a dick about it, to be honest. I thanked him for his time, then HUCA, and got a much nicer person who “was able to locate the offer”.

    Twenty minutes later, I was approved!

    Thanks again!

  5. If we identify you as currently having an American Express® Card account, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer. This offer is also not available to applicants who have or have had a Platinum Card® account enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program.

    First sentence seems to exclude current AMEX cardholders (not just AMEX Platinum cardholders) from receiving the bonus. What are your thoughts on this?

    • That is the standard language on every AMEX app, and I don’t know why. Having one AMEX card does NOT exclude you from every other AMEX offer. I have another AMEX card (SPG personal), and I applied. I expect to get my bonus points.

  6. Thanks for the alert Scott!!! Got approved after couple of retries. I used Chrome incognito.
    i did notice “If we identify you as currently having an American Express® Card account, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer. ” – i do have other AMEX credit cards but not Platinum. Is there any way to confirm i will be getting this offer?

    • That is the standard language on every AMEX app, and I don’t know why. Having one AMEX card does NOT exclude you from every other AMEX offer.

  7. I currently have the M-B Amex Plat and don’t see any issues getting the second Standard Amex Plat. I did get the 100K offer after a few Incognito Chrome clicks, and got approved instantly. I did have a question though. Since you don’t log into your Amex Account during the application so the offer doesn’t get reduced (which it does, I tried and it went to 40,000 on the next screen). So I backed out of it, reopened a new ignito window and started from scratch.

    My question is, how do you ensure your new 100K points goes to an existing Amex Rewards Account? Do you call, or is that totally based on your SSN?

    Oh, and thanks again for the tip.

    • Bump…..Anyone have experience with the above question/concern. Thanks a lot. Love the blog and comments/responses.

  8. Approved after several tries in incognito mode. Decision page said site was busy and I would get a response in several days. Clicked link to check on status and was approved.

    Thanks Scott.

  9. I have an MB platinum now, but can’t be sure i never had a regular platinum before. Is there anyway to find out?

  10. Finally got the offer on Firefox in private window after a few dozen tries. Got pending screen so it looks like a call to AMEX tomorrow. Tons of credit on existing credit cards plus a business platinum that see some use. Hopefully they will wheel and deal. Thanks for the heads up on this offer!

  11. Approved Baby!
    2 Inconito, 2 Private browsers, over 100 attempts wouldn’t do it. Called the 800#, couldn’t find the offer. I did a HUCA and after 17 mins on hold, Voilà.
    Approved for 100K with 3K spend.

    Thank you Scott

  12. No go for me. I couldn’t get any of the links to work so i called up the number. I told them i wasn’t at my computer but was hoping to get the $100k offer. After 37 minutes, they said they didn’t see any 100k offers in the system and if i had a code they might be able to pull something up.
    Also, i did my AOR on monday and had to call into AMEX for a bus card i applied for. the CSR told me that i could only have 4 AMEX credit cards at a time including business cards. I had 8 at the time, so i had to close some. Charge cards do not count though as i had 2 of those which were counted seperately. I am not sure how she counted because she didn’t mention partner cards like a Citi AA Amex…. Not sure if that is news or not and not a big deal, it will just hurt me on small business saturday.

  13. According to their new language “this offer is also not available to applicants who have or have had a Platinum Card® account enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program”, if you’ve had ANY platinum card, you won’t get the bonus. So being approved for the card doesn’t mean you’ll get the bonus if you’ve already had, for example, the MB platinum or the Business platinum. So why are you certain you’ll still get the bonus?

    • Because the language in AMEX applications is historically not how the policies are enforced, and because everyone always has. It could change at any time, but I think I’ll get my bonus.

  14. This has me a little concerned as well. I have the Ameriprise Platinum card and I was approved last night for this one. I would love to have a definitive answer for this.

  15. I tried on the phone and tehy are asking for a four digit offer code otherwise i cant get the offer, any ideas?

  16. I was approved last night after opening the link 20 times. I already have a Mercedes Benz card, and the AMEX Delta platinum card but hope they are considered separate enough to let me get these points too. I didn’t get any message to the contrary

  17. Got approved at 12:05 pm est.
    Guy originally asked me for poid but told him I didn’t have my laptop in front of me. 😀

  18. Tried many times to get the link to populate 100k offer, no go…called in and was told that they could only offer my 40k point…HUCA, said that I had receiced an email for the 100k/$3k and he put me right through the application process and approved!

  19. Hi, love your blog.

    You mentioned $2K worth of value for the 100K MR since you will transfer for high value rewards. Can you elaborate on that, or do you already have a post that discusses this?

    Thanks! Keep up the great stuff.


  20. Mahalo Scott, got it but it was a bit of a process, I could get it on line, tried and tried but always would get the 40,000 offer. I called and was on hold for a half hour, finally got a rep, she told me the offer was no longer available, I told her it was and then she said it was only available if i got the offer by mail, told her not so but it was clear i was going no where with her. I called again and again 15 min on hold, the rep was great, acknowledge what a great deal it was and then like you took me trough a 20 min process to get me approved. Bingo I am in.
    There was no issue with having other AMX cards except a platinum, I have an everyday and Cash and SPG. Actually having a AMX card made the application process go faster and with less ID verification.
    I think its going to be one of those things when you hear a certain tone in the voice of the rep you either know you have someone that will actually help you versa someone who is following a script.
    By the way I had a gold biz and the delta card and had canceled them three months ago, this had no impact on getting this 100,000 card.

  21. POID worked. 34 minutes with the AMEX rep was repeating much information already on file since I have the PLAT MB product. The rep was reluctant to take the application but in the end, APPROVED !

  22. Thanks Scott,

    I’ve been wanting this offer for a long time! No idea if/when it would have happened if I wasn’t following your alerts on twitter!

  23. No problem applying by phone at 630 EST. Was asked for POID mentioned above. He did say that having a platinum business card in the past was not a problem. Also not a problem having current AMEX preferred card. I was a little worried because my last churn was 6/11 but looks like no problem.

  24. Thank you Scott! Tried multiple times on three different browsers with no luck. Phoned and gave the PO ID number you provided and had instant success. I will raise a glass to you as I use those 100K miles!

  25. Could never get the browser thing to show the 100k offer after hundreds of clicks after opening incognito/private browsers on the 4 major browsers each. Did call Thurs morning, but the CSR said that she couldn’t pull up any offers, then suggested I find it online 🙂

    Then I called Thurs evening after work. After 45 mins on the phone, I was indeed approved (after 25 mins on hold, and much of the remaining time hearing about the terms and benefits from another CSR). I did give him the POID code, and that seemed to be the key. What may have also helped was to have a few reasons why I wanted the card (beyond the amazing bonus). I was concerned about having too many recent inquiries, since I had 3 in the last couple of weeks. Now, I’ll probably lay low for at least 3 months, to get back on a regular AOR schedule, and all of my upcoming travels should be handled with the mileage I should have after this bonus.

      • What are the options for the 100K points? who are the partners? I’m not a road warrior and travel only about 4-5x/year. do you think the $450 fee w/b worth it to me? I like the benefits but may make use of them.

        • This expired a long time ago. You might want to check out this card: milevalue.com/TYPremier

          Rewards you can use on any airline and no annual fee the first year.

  26. Thanks for the HT Scott and thanks for positing this a couple days ago. Glad the POID is helping people score on this great offer. My application however seems to be in some limbo and I might be losing out on this one. Credit scores solid around 800 and not too many recent INQ but when I call reconsideration seems they can’t get to a point to approve me. Only called once as it’s been pending online for 2 days. The CSR had me on hold for quite a while and in the end was able to confirm the application was accepted, they pulled EX but she was unable to do anything else. Took my number with the promise of someone calling me in a couple days to discuss. Bummer as I do spend a ton with AMEX yearly, lots of business and personal charges. Wish me luck!

      • I have tried calling twice to get it from pending to approved – no luck either call, CSR unable to innate approval process. Was getting paranoid but decided to wait it out. Just got a call from AMEX to confirm I applied for the card, verify my address and year of birth then approved. Caller apologized for delays and mentioned they were backlogged with pending applications and that delayed approvals. I was able to confirm the offer was for 100K points for $3K spend in 90 days so looks like I did get it! Thanks again for the heads up post.

  27. AMEX has a history of denying bonuses that aren’t public even if the phone rep. says you’ll get it. Happened to me a few years back. I wish you all well.

  28. I just called and tried to use the code above, the rep told me the code was invalid, and that this is not a public offer, only people who were invited directly are eligible. He said the code above was a one use only code. Is he full of it or not?

  29. Now the big question is: how do we take 100,000 MR and turn them into 125,000 Avios before the bonus offer ends September 30th? Any wisdom, Scott? With the new 800avios:1000mr transfer rate coming in October 1, the answer to this question is worth 45,000 Avios!

  30. To answer a few questions above.

    If you call amex customer service they can tell you if you’ve ever had a specific card in the past.

    Also, you can have multiple cards feed into membership rewards. When you get the new card you simply register it on your membership rewards account or call the membership rewards number. MR do not expire but there always has to be a card attached.

    Finally, posting offer codes will not work. Those codes (not the poid but the unique offer code) is now needed and can only be used one time.

  31. I’ve been trying to get this promo since Thursday and kept getting shut down! After 15 attempts and staying resilient, I finally got a CSR that was AMAZING and got approved! Just provide the POID code only (I was shut down each time I provided the offer code since “it is a one time code that can be used”).

    Scott, you are the MAN.


  32. Thanks, Scott! Success on 8/28 at 3pm ET after waiting on hold ~30 minutes. This was probably the 7th time I called, each prior time on hold for almost an hour before having the line go dead (not sure if it was poor cell reception or Amex cutting me off).

    The agent said the lines have been very busy with people calling in for the platinum card.

    Thanks again!

  33. I must not have luck on my side. Been trying since yesterday following the steps above and re-opening incognito windows (even tried using the link on Reddit). Keep getting the 40k offer. Has anyone else been trying with no luck?

    The rep told me each code is unique, one-time use. So calling in hasn’t helped as I haven’t been able to provide a code.

    Def looks like a great deal, need to figure out how I can get it!

    • No one is getting the offer online anymore. People are still getting it by phone. HUCA until a phone agent lets you apply. 🙂

    • Do not give them the offer code, only the POID. The offer code is unique. Tell them you saw the offer online but closed the window by mistake and now can’t find it again.

  34. The offer is still working as of this morning via phone with the POID. I tried a few times yesterday and was told each time that I needed a valid offer code. First time this morning I got the offer just using the POID.

  35. FYI, This offer is still working by phone. Just got approved an hour ago. Application from start to finish only took 15 minutes.

  36. I received the card today but no document in the package mentioning 100,000 bonus points. Just wondering if this is the case for everyone.

  37. I just tried by phone and was told that the offer has been discontinued because of a flood of applicants. Should I keep trying with other reps, or has anyone else heard the same?

  38. Anyone know if this deal is still working? Want to give it a shot after work today. Currently have the Ameriprise Platinum card, I’ve heard that this shouldn’t be a problem.

  39. I have had no luck. Called multiple times, and every time it’s the same response: “you need an offer code and it can only be used once.” The POID has never worked for me.

    • Same with me, just called and they want a unique RSVP code from the mail offer to get the card. They are trying to talk me into the 40K offer. Yah, no thanks.

  40. Hey everyone,

    I’ve just called twice and been told no both times.

    1st try: very nice CSR, asked for the POID and when he ran it told me that they’d discontinued the offer last week.

    2nd try: less nice CSR, who told me I couldn’t even use the POID because the offer is and always has been “for people who are specially targeted for that offer”.

    Anyone else had any successes in the last few days?

  41. Aaaand 100k MR points in the bank :).

    Scott are there any ways around the gift card clampdown by AmEx or other suggestions to earn reimbursement?

  42. This offer is still good until 2/24/17 for AMEX Plat 100K Offer. They are trying to say that you “Have to Have” the RSVP code to sign up. Is anyone else still having success?

  43. tried belatedly today. rep said I needed a specific one time use RSVP code. None of the codes provided above were of any help. just sharing. FYI: I used the chat box and the offer to have them call me. I expected some delay, but phone rang right away, then I was on hold for 15 minutes. strange.


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