No Longer Showing Some LAN Flights and What to Do About It


A few months ago you could book Lima to Cuzco on with Avios. I made that redemption for family members for an incredible 4,500 Avios and $9 in taxes per person.

Lima to Cuzco meets the three criteria to be an ideal British Airways redemption.

  1. Direct flight (because each segment adds to an Avios award’s cost)
  2. Short flight (because each segment is priced by its distance)
  3. No fuel surcharges (because Avios charges nasty fuel surcharges on a lot of awards)

With my personal experience booking the award, I was surprised to get an email from a reader saying that she couldn’t book Lima to Cuzco online because doesn’t list Cuzco as a destination.

She is totally correct that no longer lists Cuzco as a possible airport in award searches. Performing the following search…

…leads to an airport code auto-correct screen…

…and trying to search by country is a dead end too.

With the intra-Peru space no longer showing on, I don’t think it’s available anywhere online. That doesn’t mean you can’t book intra-Peru space with Avios. It just means you have to call British Airways to book at 800-AIRWAYS.

I called today to test out availability. I picked an arbitrary date–October 10–and told the agent I wanted one economy class seat from Lima to Cuzco.

LAN flies the route 15 times on October 10, and there was an award seat on at least the first five flights of the day.

The wide open award availability didn’t surprise me. The story was the same when the space was on, and space tends to improve the harder it is to book like when you have to call in and specifically request it.

I told the agent I wanted to book the 7:40 AM flight. He quoted me a price of 4,500 Avios plus $34.40 “including all taxes and fees.”

He didn’t break it down, so I asked him: “Does that include a $25 phone fee?”


I followed up: “Can I have that waived because this is not bookable online?”

“Be right with you.”

He returned to the line in about 60 seconds to tell me that the price was now 4,500 Avios plus $9.40.

So it’s now a three-step process to book intra-Peru flights with Avios.

  1. Look up the LAN schedule to figure out what flight you want.
  2. Call 800-AIRWAYS and have an agent find you the space.
  3. Ask for the phone fee to be waived.

I don’t expect that it’s only intra-Peru space that’s disappeared from If the award you want is not searchable online, you should call British Airways.

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  1. First of all, amazing blog! A related question: can you use avios to book Lan Argentina flights (4M)? They are also not showing 🙁

    • I think you can, but also consider getting the US Bank issued LANPass Visa. My husband and I each got one and used LAN km to book 5 Lim-Cuz flights for our family saving us something like $1600.

      I looked at using Avios for inter-Peru flights instead. When I compared LAN availability vs Avios, there were many more flight times bookable on LAN.


  2. That’s really annoying. While I like OneWorld, it’s pretty clear Star Alliance does a much better job of making it possible to search and book award availability online. When will AA ever get LAN into its award search website?

  3. I’ve noticed a few other issues with lately.

    When searching ICN-NRT-HEL economy, the price shows as 60 000 avios. However, the two segments individually show as 7500+25000, which is consistent with the award chart.
    (I just tried 19 March)

    HEL-TLL (Tallinn, Estonia) gives the message “BA or its partners do not fly this route”, though a google flight search tells me otherwise.

  4. Yes, I’ve seen this exact issue while looking for award space some destinations in Central America (routes that AA flies directly from the US). Odd…

  5. Any thoughts on how useful it would be to use AA or Qantas search tools as a way to figure out what space is available using Avios before calling?

  6. yes, this is super annoying. BA never showed any flights from Guayaquil to Baltra Island, even tho LAN operates that flight. 🙁

  7. I’m finding the same…..I booked Avios to Liberia, Costa Rica in 2011 for 2012 flight and in 2012 for 2013 flight…..Avios no longer gives Liberia as a destination..yet the same AA flights are still showing on AA

  8. Are they still showing for Lima to US. I read your blog last year about Lima and was planning a trip for September. When I checked in Jan., Lim to Mia was wide open with multiple flights daily. Now, nothing.

    Wanted to use AA off peak. Any other options if LAN is full?

  9. I’m looking for SCL-IPC space that LAN has at the low level and AA can be, but I’ve called BA several times and have been told they can’t see anything over and over. Any course of action for that?

    Thanks 🙂

  10. I’m having trouble finding any partner award space on Is it possible that I can’t search because my Avios balance is zero?

  11. I am trying to book with BA avios from NYC to LIM. I can’t seem to find LAN availability anywhere. If I search on LANs website is there a way to tell which flights are available to partners? Also I noticed that BA now doesnt even show me connecting flights that I know exist! I searched NY-LIM on april 26th with no results, then i searched NY-DFW and found plenty of results and DFW-LIM and found results. The flights to DFW are early morning and flights to LIM are afternoon so its not a short connection issue. Is this a known issue with BA now?

  12. It seems now that even calling BA does not help. I have been calling BA for 3 weeks now for booking a Lima – Cusco flight for April/May next year and each time it is the same story.

    “We see availability but it is not allowing us to book for you using Avios”

    Do anyone have any ideas? I need to book one way from Lima-Cuz


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