1. I got both of these right before they changed the offers. I had recently moved, so needed to snail mail proof of address for the Amex card (even though I was verified via chat for the Visa). Based on what I’d read, I was sure I either wouldn’t get the 2nd card or wouldn’t get the bonus on it, but I was approved. When I got the card in the mail, I called in pretending not to remember what benes the card offered and they verified everything, including the 50k miles! This was 2 weeks or so after the Visa arrived. I’m meeting the spend right now (3k each).

  2. Kind of obvious you now have a card affiliate business. personally, I would spread out all of these card touting posts so it doesn’t become distasteful to your former audience….

    • Does it change your impression that I don’t receive any referral credit from these cards? Not only that, but there are far inferior affiliate links to these cards that you will never see me mention.

      • No. Once a blog becomes a zone for pushing cards, I start to tune it out. Do you really want to be like Gary;s blog or TPG in this respect?

        I think it’s cool to have a page with the top 10 CC links though and, if you get some bucks for me clicking on it, just say so. In fact, I *want* to be able to “reward” you for some of the good posts you have done by clicking on your links. I just dont want to feel you have become just like the other guys out there.

        Just my 2 cents. (Dont expect you to change anything but want you to be aware that at least one of your readers hopes you go the way of the others 100%..)

  3. Does one of the “other bad options” include Iberia MIA-MAD or MIA-BCN? I’ve got 120k AA miles from using these 2 cards and Netflix/E-rewards, etc, and that appeared to be the “best” option going out of MCO, or just driving to MIA. Would I be better off (I’d rather just do economy to Europe if I can save the miles for a business/first trip to Asia (PVG, SIN and perhaps others in 2015) trying to acquire more AA miles for that trip and trying to get *A miles from somewhere for a summer 2014 Europe trip? I have 45k US miles and 2k United miles, and that’s it for the moment. My next churn will be around Black Friday, so advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Dude, you are ruining you blog!!! I do find it most useful and helpful blog of them all but this way of credit card pimping is not good. Don’t become another points guy case. At least for me. Like I said out of bloggers you’d be the one where I click on referral link just because I find you helpful and want to reward you. next think you know you’ll be like TPG reminding people that they can pay their $3 Alitalia mistake fair with Chase Sapphire card they don’t have yet, but here’s the link. Just my 2c

    • I don’t earn any money from this post–the affiliate links on the Citi AA cards are way worse, so I didn’t mention them. I wrote it to value the best sign up bonus on the market. I wrote it as one of three incredible posts today, the other two about status and redeeming miles.

      • Regardless of you getting swag of it or not, seeing 2 credit card posts out of latest four is big turn off for me. maybe you should have a separate tab called Credit card review service and just give short notice on index page when you add new review. Lets be honest, your blog is not for noobs and most people who read it are at little more advance level than go “wow, you really mean I can get 4 free night in Holiday Inn?”. You’re like advanced Xbox tutorial with real twists, moves and hacks. Not 101 introduction course for grandmothers who want to learn how to turn on and play bowling on Wii.

        • It’s additional content, not displacing anything. See today’s post on advanced redemption techniques to French Polynesia. I want to value every serious credit card offer, so people have an ordering system. That will mean a lot of these posts over the next few weeks, then fewer after that.

  5. Maybe if you’re going to tout cc’s to noobs, make a seperate page and don’t have your posts wasting the space on recent posts?
    Affiliate or not, it still ruins the content of the blog.

    • I’m flattered that you want to find my posts on other topics. There is one above this one and one below this one. I hope to redesign the layout for easier access to the posts you want because I anticipate many days with three posts about, and one of those on earning miles.

  6. Even though it clicks directly through to the application page, I can’t find anywhere on the page where it offers 40 or 50k (for screen shot purposes). Additionally, on the one that has a landing page, it says that you have to apply before 4/30/12. If I use the 2 browser trick on the ‘zombie’ pages, it should still result in 100k after meeting all minimum spends? i just want to be careful as I understand you can only get the bonus every 18-20 months or so and don’t want to waste an effort on an expired link with no proof of screen shots. Thanks!

    • Read the FlyerTalk thread for data points on people’s success. I would say your likelihood of success is close to 100%, but there are no guarantees. I suggest to close friends to use these links. Best of luck.

  7. Hey Scott,
    It’s been almost 2 years since I first applied for the 75k AA Citicard, right before it was lowered to 50k, and in my naivete I only got one card. About a year ago I got the 50k AA Citi Business card, which I still have and plan to cancel in the next few weeks.

    So I think I’m getting ready for another round of AA Citicards, this time with the 2 browser finagle. Any thoughts as to whether I should cancel the Business card first or after the applications? Any idea as to whether this has any impact on my application?

    Also, I was denied by Citibank in the past for too many inquiries in the last 18 months, although I have slowed down a lot since then. If I am denied this round, what is the likelihood of being approved a few months later?

    Thanks, glad to see your blog is doing so well.

  8. I took your advice and signed up for the American Airlines VISA (50,000 miles) and American Airlines AMEX (50,000 miles). I had some purchases I needed to make so I was able to meet my spending limit in 2 weeks and have paid them off. How long should I expect it to take for miles to post to my American Airlines account? I’m hoping to go to Europe in May. Any hope?

  9. And a follow up question. Looking at potential flights on the American Airlines website I’m becoming somewhat discourage. 100,000 miles is not enough for first class St. Louis to Barcelona. It does cover economy flights – which I’m fine with – but it is requiring ridiculous connections (i.e. transfer from JFK to LaGuardia in 90 minutes time OR 9 hour layovers in various cities). Any advice?


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