Easily Earn 110k US Airways Miles per Year


US Airways and American Airlines have merged since the publication of this post so it is no longer valid.

This card offer has expired. Click here for the top current credit card sign up bonuses.

The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® with 40,000 bonus miles after first purchase and paying $89 annual fee

  • Earn 40,000 bonus miles after your first purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee*
  • First checked bag FREE on eligible bags for you and up to four companions on domestic US Airways operated flights
  • One companion certificate good for up to 2 guests to travel with you on a US Airways operated flight at $99 each, plus taxes and fees
  • Priority boarding Zone 2 on US Airways operated flights
  • Redeem miles for award travel on US Airways and American Airlines booked through usairways.com or US Airways Reservations
  • Earn miles on every purchase with 2 miles for every $1 you spend on US Airways purchases and 1 mile for every $1 on purchases everywhere else
  • Please see terms and conditions for complete details

Application Link: The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard®

It’s no secret that the Barclay’s US Airways MasterCard is churnable. Many people have reported getting the card over and over and getting the bonus over and over.

But I’ll still write this post about my experience because when I got started with miles I would read certain things in tiny snippets–the Barclay’s US Airways MasterCard is churnable–but I would not know the exact steps to exploit the knowledge because I couldn’t find all the details in one spot.

Here’s my experience with Barclay’s US Airways MasterCard. It finally made it into an app-o-rama of mine last November. I was approved for the card, and after the first spend, I got 40,000 bonus US Airways miles.

I spent about $70 on the card, $35 of which was taxes on a US Airways award to earn double miles on US Airways purchases. That card has resided in my drawer almost since I got it–it’s not a rewarding card to put every day spending on.

I have all my applications 91 days apart. I didn’t add a US Airways MasterCard to my March apps, but I did apply again in June. I applied for the exact same card offer that gives 40k US Airways Miles after the first purchase while my first card was still open.

I was declined for my second card. When I called Barclay’s reconsideration number at 866-369-1283, the agent was very friendly. He asked some questions from the application about my income, and he asked why I wanted an identical card to one I already had.

I gave truthful answers to his questions about income. And I gave a truthful answer to his question about why I wanted two cards that mentioned neither the sign up bonuses nor using it for a business.

I simply said: “I need the second card to track a separate category of expenses easily.”

Mentioning the sign up bonus would set off an alarm bell that he should not approve me. Mentioning using the card for business expenses would have caused him to pitch me on the business version of the US Airways card, which has a lower sign up bonus.

The agent put me on hold and came back with bad news: “I’m sorry, I can’t approve you for any more credit than we’ve already given you. I’m very sorry since you’re a good customer who has never missed a payment, and we appreciate your business.”

This would have been the worst time to give up! All I had to do was speak one sentence to get 40k more US Airways miles, which I value at $780.

“I’d be happy to move half my credit line from my other card to this new card; I don’t need any more credit from Barclay’s.”

He was happy to comply with my suggestion. He opened the new account right on the phone, and now I had two accounts with a total credit line equal to the previous credit line of my one account.

The card arrived in the mail in a few days. I made a few purchases, and 40,000 more Dividend Miles posted in Award Wallet when my first statement closed:

As I’ve mentioned, 55,000 miles happens to be enough to fly roundtrip on fully flat beds to Europe during February on US Airways planes, so I’m pretty excited.

Now I have two cards, which are actually not quite identical. The first says Premier World in the top right and WORLD above the MasterCard logo in the bottom right. The second says Platinum in the top right, and doesn’t say WORLD anywhere.

When I noticed this, I was afraid I had been approved for a slightly different card with an inferior sign up bonus. In some cards’ terms and conditions, it says that the bank can approve you for a different card if you don’t qualify for the one you are applying for. The secondary card usually has an inferior bonus.

Of course, I didn’t read the US Airways MasterCard’s terms and conditions when applying, so I wasn’t sure if that’s what had happened. In the end, I was given the 40k sign up bonus I expected, though, so I’m not sure why the two cards are labeled slightly differently.

80k to 110k

The title says 110k US Airways Miles, and applying for this card every six months is only 80k. The other 30k comes from a targeted bonus that seems to be sent to every US Airways cardholder a few months after getting the card.

The offer as received by Mile Nerd, Mommy Points, and me on my first card is that if you spend $1,250 per month for the three months after getting the card, you get a bonus 15,000 US Airways miles. This offer is mailed or emailed a few months after opening the card.

Conceptually this offer is exactly like a sign up bonus with a minimum spend requirement without a new hard inquiry on your credit report. Treating it that way, we see that the 15k bonus offer has an absolute value of $292.50 (15,000 * 1.95 cpm). The rebate percentage is 7.8% ($292.50 / $3,750).

Certainly those are low compared to sign up bonuses–7.8% is a lower rebate percentage than using your Ink Bold at Office Depot–so I would not go after the bonus miles if I could more profitably be clearing new sign up bonuses. But if you are already clearing all the sign up bonuses you can, this is a nice way to get free miles.

I did not attempt to earn the bonus miles on the first card I got because I was earning more miles clearing other sign up bonuses. I may try to earn the 15k on my second card.

110k miles happens to be the exact amount of an award I booked today with US Airways miles for an open jaw business class award from Boston to Cape Town and returning Johannesburg to Boston in South African Airways business class and United and US Airways domestic first class.

Flat beds on this route for opening a couple of cards? No brainer.


You absolutely can get the US Airways MasterCard more than once without closing the first card. I got my two cards six months apart, and I plan to apply every six months. (People have gotten multiple cards with less time between them.)

You will probably have to call the reconsideration line after being denied, and you may have to offer to move your credit lines around to get the new card approved.

You’ll probably be given a chance to increase the 40k haul to 55k per card by spending $3,750 on the card over three months. If you have met all your sign up bonus spending requirements for other cards, you should attempt to clear this bonus. Otherwise, you may find you can earn more miles by spending the $3,750 on another card.

US Airways Premier World MasterCard with 30,000 US Airways miles after first purchase

Earn up to 40,000 bonus miles on qualifying transactions
• EXCLUSIVE: Redeem flights for 5,000 fewer miles
• Zone 2 boarding on every flight
• Enjoy 2 miles per $1 spent on US Airways purchases
• Earn 1 mile per $1 spent everywhere else
• Annual companion certificate good for round-trip travel for up to 2 companions at $99 each, plus taxes and fees
• First Class check-in
• Please see terms and conditions for complete details

Application Link: Barclay’s US Airways Premier World MasterCard


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  1. I have heard plenty of stories of getting two cards. I have got two cards. I have yet to hear anybody getting a third. You say 80k every year here… I have yet to hear one confirmed report of real churning for a third. I have an app-o-rama planned for September I will likely try for a third one here.

  2. I had my application for a 2nd card turned down with the explanation that I already has sufficient credit on my existing card. I know this means I should now call and simply ask to move part of the credit to a new card. But a little strategic advice about timing, please. Should I call right now or should I wait and see if there’s a Grand Slam promotion to do this with? Or is that really waiting too long? What is the length of time after rejection to apply for “reconsideration,” when does it amount to a brand new application, and does that matter?

    • I don’t know when enough time elapses that it’s a new application. I also don’t know if the GS is happening, but I sure hope so.

  3. If you get this card every 6 months, you’ll be applying for the third card around the time the first one’s annual fee is due. Can you give some insight into how to schedule applying for the third card and cancelling the first before the annual fee is due? Does this raise red flags to Barclays?

    • I might not cancel the first card. The 10k annual membership bonus outweighs the fee. I will keep you posted.

  4. So that’s how you got two of them, they’re distinct products. I got the Premier World card 10 months ago and couldn’t get it again in June no matter what I told them on the phone. They said there’s no way to have two of the same card.

    Is the Platinum card the one you got in November? I don’t see that card in any of the links now…it’s all Premier World.

    • The Platinum card was second. And I got it by applying through the link in this post for the Premier World card. It’s a mystery to me what happened.

  5. Darn it.

    I tried convincing them to give me a second card and twice I have been turned down. Once a few days ago and the second rejection just right now. I used all the right key words and nada.

    Seems I’m one of the unlucky ones. Time to move on. Will try again on the next apporama. This one card kept me from going 7/7. Damn you Barclay’s.

  6. Okay…deciding not to give up, I tried a third time to see if they would be willing to offer the Platinum since I have the World Premier. She asked why I wanted two cards and I gave her the same answer. She asked why i had applied for 6 other cards and I didn’t have a great answer and said I was trying to establish credit history with other companies.

    She then came back and DROPPED my credit limit on the card I did have by 10x. Bastards. I would have cancelled my card on the spot but am holding out for this year’s grand slam.

  7. Also, if I’m not mistaken I believe this card also had a 10k miles bonus automatically each year its kept open. Am I correct?

  8. I was the lucky customer who Scott helped book that BOS-CPT-JNB-BOS award and I am thrilled with the flights, and Scott’s award booking service! I have 2 US MC as well but have never tried for a 3rd. I also was never targeted for any bonus in the first 3 months, although I have been targeted several times for a 5x miles in 3 months on gas, drugstore, and grocery purchases.

  9. Once you get both of the bonuses, is it best to leave the miles in two seperate accounts? I have 45k in one and 55k in another, would like to combine them if it’s allowed. I’ve tried before and try said they need to stay seperate because they are linked to two differnt CCs. Is this true or did I have a bad CSR?

    • It’s best to send them to the first account in the first place because you want to pool your miles (especially with US Airways which doesn’t let you take oneways at 1/2 r/t price.) Now that you started two with two accounts, I know you can’t combine the miles free. I don’t know whether you can change which US account each card feeds miles into.

  10. I also got rejected on the reconsideration line and I see inquires on all the three credit reports . Its worse with no credit card and then extra inquires.

  11. Unfortunately, I also had no luck with the Barclay’s reconsideration line. I plan to write a letter after receiving my rejection form letter, but I’m not optimistic. And like others have noted, Barclay’s will pull all three of your credit reports, so it’s a big hit. Yesterday was my quarterly app-o-Rama, and it was Barclay’s who gave me the worst grilling about my “aggressive” application history. No problems with Chase, AmEx, or Bank of America.

  12. I applied for a second card after 1 year and status was pending then I called reconsideration line and got rejected. They wanted to see more payment history (I basically never used the card). And they wouldn’t shift any credit to a new line or anything. Sucks!

  13. Yikes jumping on the comments of the last few posters. AOR today, tried (without reading enough… stupid) to get my FIRST USAir and the NFL card from Barclays. Rejected for the NFL card after called and had all 3 reports pulled. Also potential plain version of USAir card. I certainly hope I get the 40K, but my online account doesn’t currently describe the benefits that I applied for. What a waste…

    • Update!
      Both my wifes and my US Air card arrived today. Mine says Premier World, and hers Platinum… how weird. Hope those 40K x2 post soon enough

  14. I just received this card in the mail today. Far from being “churnable”, I read some troubling fine print in the literature that came with it. It says that if I cancel this card, I may lose any miles already earned. Has Barclay’s bank closed the loopholes that once allowed you to receive the 40k mile bonus over and over, because too many people were churning this card?
    Just my luck that after everyone else enjoyed the party, I arrive too late, and find crumbs on the table instead of food.
    What do I do with this card now? My plan was to churn it and get 40k miles at a time until I earned enough for a r/t business class flight to Asia or the Middle East. Now I can only earn 40k miles ONE TIME, and wait a whole year to receive 10k miles, which are not even free, since I’m paying an annual fee for them.

  15. Be VERY careful about not spending anything at all on your Barclay’s card. They’re known to unilaterally close cards if they’re not getting any use. That puts a “closed by credit grantor” on your credit report and is NOT good.

  16. I am new to this credit card app thing, and before I get started want to know what happens to my credit score as I apply for cards? My credit is very good now, and I don’t want it to plummet from applying for multiple cards.

  17. Hi. You mention you received 40k after your spend. However the card offer mentions only 30k. How did you get the extra 10k miles? Thanks

  18. I applied June 30 for the LH Miles&More card and the US Air MC with the 40k bonus. I got rejected for both of them, even so my credit score is 792. I talked to reconsideration and was approved for the LH card with 5K credit limit. I called back for the US Air MC and was rejected by reconsideration. They had my US Air MC history back to 2006 and saw the opening and closings of each of the cards I had with them. They said, there was too little use of the cards, and until they see some more aggressive spending on the card they would not grant me a new US Air MC. (They also knew exactly how many times I had called for reconsideration and to which agent I had spoken. It seems that Barclays documents all calls for reconsideration and use of the cards. Beware….). The problem is that we spend 6 months of the year in Europe and US Air MC charges Foreign exchange fees of 3.5% on every purchase. Subsequently, I am not using the card while in Europe. The LH card is free of Foreign exchange fees, so I will be using it in Europe.


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