1. Where do you get 1.8c per mile from? Singapore points aren’t worth that (too high FQ).

    But, if you can redeem at 1.6c per mile on AA, that’s $800 worth of tickets. Example: If you manage to find 2 RT flights from NYC to LAX at $400 each, you would get 10,000 miles for the miles flown (with no elite bonus). AA points are worth about 1.8 cents each = $180. So depending on your price to distance to distance ratio, the bonus is probably worth $900-1000.

    • I book plenty of Singapore awards where I get more than 1.8 cents of value per mile. I linked three in this post.

      Also, I don’t think it makes sense to add in the AA miles earned to take the value of an AA airfare redemption above 1.6 cents.

  2. I agree this is a great card and has tremendous value. I also agree on the value of SA miles. But I don’t think you can really say the card perks are part of the signup bonus. The signup bonus is 50k TY points.

  3. I notice in addition to the $450 annual fee the Citi Prestige website mentions that the “annual authorized user fee is $50”. So does that make the total cost $500?

    • No. The annual fee for the Prestige is $450. If you add an authorized user to your account, like getting a spouse a card, that has a $50 fee. The reason is that the authorized user will also get a Priority Pass membership.

      • Ah 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to reply.
        I read the fine print, but still didn’t get what the possible extra $50 was for.

  4. Great write up. Even though spend costs you nothing, I still think you need to subtract $60 from the grand total, because if you didn’t have the card, wouldn’t you be earning 2% on $3000 (real or manufactured) spend?

    Also, had the card for almost a month, and I have yet to find a merchant that hasn’t struggled with figuring out which way to swipe the card!!! But that doesn’t deserve a subtraction.

  5. […] This benefit alone makes the Prestige a great idea for at least one year, since you can get two calendar year credits in the first year of cardmembership plus the Global Entry credit. You’ve already more than offset the big annual fee on the Prestige before considering the lounge access and sign up bonus. These credits are a big reason why I value the sign up bonus on the Prestige at $1,250. […]


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