Introducing New MileValue Writer Sarah Page Maxwell


Please welcome Sarah Page Maxwell as the newest member of the MileValue team. She will write several articles a week of the type you already enjoy on MileValue. She’ll also bring her own voice and travel experiences to MileValue to complement mine.

Boipeba, Brazil

Sarah Page has been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for four years, and we met through the expat community there a few years ago. Besides regular trips back to the East Coast to visit family (she grew up in Raleigh and family now lives in Charleston), Sarah Page has also traveled throughout South America and to Africa and Southeast Asia recently with miles. Like me, she is a free agent when it comes to airline and hotel loyalty. She just collects big credit card sign up bonuses and uses the miles and points efficiently for high-value redemptions.

I know you’ll enjoy Sarah Page’s posts because you already have been. Sarah Page has actually already been contributing to this site for months, writing articles with me that were ultimately published under my name.

This training wheels period was very important to me because MileValue is my baby. I won’t name names, but there are some blogs that have brought on new writers who are not good writers, not miles/points experts, or not either, and quality has suffered. There are other blogs that have moved beyond a single voice and been enriched. That’s the model we’re following.

Railay Beach, Thailand

Mastering miles and points requires mastering earning and redeeming. Earning is usually easier, and most blogs understand that part. What makes MileValue different is that we know to redeem miles to get maximum value, which informs all of our posts. For instance, you can’t know whether a credit card offer is a good deal unless you know how to use the bonus miles. So I worked a long time with Sarah Page on her knowledge of redeeming miles. We started with the theoretical (“memorize the Star Alliance plus United’s non-alliance partners by tomorrow”) and moved to the practical (“let’s work on these MileValue Award Booking Service requests together, so you know how to redeem United, AA, Delta, Aeroplan, BA, Asiana, Flying Blue, and Alaska miles.”) Only when I was satisfied with her knowledge did I let her write.

Four wheeling across the desert in Namibia

The other thing that makes this site unique is that writing. Many topics are covered by literally every miles and points blog. I always want the MileValue post on those topics to be the most clear, succinct, and best at anticipating what the reader will want to know. I’ve worked with Sarah Page on getting her to write like that–hopefully without stifling her unique voice because I enjoy reading it.

Machu Picchu, Peru

You’ll know whether a post is written by me or Sarah Page based on the signature at the top of the post under the title.

The majority of posts will continue to be written by me. Sarah Page is not replacing me; she is in addition to me.

Sarah Page’s joining the team has made MileValue a better source for miles junkies, so I hope everyone will give her a hearty welcome.

sarah page maxwell and omar
Her biggest passion along with miles is her Boston Terrier, Omar.

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  1. Yay. Welcome Sarah Page. So glad to have a fellow Carolina gal and southerner to follow. I look forward to reading your articles.

  2. Hearty welcome to Sarah !
    Are you not ‘missing’ a large and growing segment of your audience….Elder Elites…those of us that have flown million + miles with various airlines and traveled the world.
    I mean really traveled, not only short ‘mileage runs’ that seem to be the ‘current rage’…
    Some locations that we visited, that you can no longer visit safely….just saying…

    • Al
      Everyone is different and Scott needs to make a living so pick and choose . I try to use his links for cards and have used the Award service BUT once which my CC payment was refunded . I like 2 week trips spent 3 weeks in EU and the last week was a waste of time but super CHEAP thanks to him .


  3. “Only when I was satisfied with her knowledge did I let her write.”

    Get over yourself, dude. This is not a gracious way to introduce a new writer to your readers.

    • P.S. Notice that nowhere in this post is there any positive comment about Sarah’s skill or talent, other than a vague reference to her “unique” voice. Instead Scott depicts her as a submissive apprentice who needed “training wheels” before he would “let her write.” It’s kind of gross.

      • David, completely agreed with you.

        What a snarky, dickish way to welcome (A) a contributor who will presumably make author’s site grow and (B) is probably a talented individual who probably deserved a welcome with more decency.

        Also shocking is how even when the author introduces her, it’s brief — couple words / lines — , and is followed by ~10 references to “me” immediately after and in the paragraphs that follow. Wow.

        Plus what you said, David, about the subservient/submissive implications.

        I’d rather support other FF blogs / affiliate offers who don’t come across like this or overtly act like this.

        Doubt the author has enough humility to realize how the above came off but hey maybe it wasn’t your intent, author. A private apology to her could be cool 🙂

        Sarah I haven’t read your stuff but there are a ton of ppl, businesses and blogs bout there who want good content. I hope you can spread your wings and fly under someone who would appreciate it, nurture your development, and not treat you like a servant. Best of luck in your writing!

      • Scott’s training methodology makes sense to me. I return to his blog on a regular basis because I appreciate his writing style and for his ability to translate ideas and “tricks” in a clear and concise manner. I am glad that he put in the time to ensure that his readers can expect a similar experience when reading Sarah’s posts.

        • He keeps it Simple to understand HOPE she does more Travel photos lots of those places I will never go .But if it’s at the right price maybe.

  4. Welcome Sarah! I look forward to reading your posts, and I am sure, as Scott said that you will be a wonderful addition to my favorite blog. To the poster who was criticizing Scott’s introduction, I for one appreciate not only that he vetted a new writer/contributor sufficiently. But I also appreciate the fact that Scott created and nursed this blog from nothing all the way to what it is today, and he has the right and responsibility to vet and train A new writer or any other new employee. YOU should get over YOURSELF. .

    • I agree, it’s a high-quality site and Scott should vet and train his new writers appropriately. But to make that the entire substance of his introduction, while not saying anything about what she contributes to the site other than her obedient compliance with his exacting specifications? To each his own, but that doesn’t seem generous, mature, or respectful to me.


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