1. For #2,’ seems like the 35K offer from Barclays with no fee for the first year is the better deal. Perhaps you could point readers in that direction?

    • Agreed, I’ve signed up for that card multiple times and never had any issues

      I got 35K at signup, and 10K before the 1 year anniversary with first year fee waived

      I ended up with 45K miles wihout ever paying a dime in annual fees. The card listed here only gives you 30K miles, and costs $89

  2. “◾Waiting could cost big spenders 50k bonus Avios.”

    But one has to spend $18K to get it.
    That $18K spend will garner many more pts/miles
    distributed elsewhere…?

    • Including the normal 1.25 Avios per dollar, you get about 4 Avios per dollar on that last $18k. Clearing most sign up bonuses is better, but that’s pretty good for everyday spending if you spend, say, $100k per year on cards.

  3. I might be missing something but the four southwest cards are in my article. Maybe they were added later or you just missed them. Either way seems like jumping to a conclusion.

    • They’ve been at #4 the whole time. Great cards that fluctuate from 25k to 50k. Get ’em while they’re at 50k.

  4. What are the odds that 100,000 British airways miles can be used on the US Airways route system after the merger?

    • 100%. We dont’ know exactly when, but by the time US Airways is the New American, both will be oneworld partners.

  5. The SW cards are listed at #4 but don’t have a picture. Maybe try reading the article instead of scanning for material to hate on?

  6. What do you think will happen to the people who have the Barclay U.S. Airways credit card? Will Barclay’s try to convert it to another one of their cards?

    • Almost certainly. I’ll wait to hear what card they’ll be converted to before deciding whether to hold or cancel my US Airways card.

  7. Well, got approved for the SW personal card but declined on the business, guy on the phone said I had too many credit inquires in the past year, no way around this is there?

      • I think I’m just gonna lay off any apps for 3 months and hope that the 50k business SW card is still there, as long as I can get the companion pass sometime early next year I’ll be happy.


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